Paradoxical Citizenship:

Edward Said


Editor: Silvia Nagy-Zekmi


Lexington Books, 2006

part of The Roman and Littlefield Publishing Group




Ultimate Coherence                                                                        xi



The Word, the Text and Said                                                           xv

Gareth Griffiths


I. Hegemony and the Role of the Intellectual                         1


Representing the Non-Canonical, Knowledge                                3

and Power: Edward Said and the 'Mainstreaming'

of Postcolonial Literatures

Valérie Orlando


Said's Impact on Arab Intellectuals: Reverberations                     15

of Said's Thought in the Current Debates over Islam,

and US-Muslim/Arab Relations

Laura Rice – Karim Hamdy


The ‘Postcolonial’ in Translation: Reading                                   25

Said in Hebrew

Ella Shohat


Said’s Foucault, or the Desire for Analogy                                   49

John Ochoa


Textuality, Theory, (In)fusionism: Reinventing                              57

Said's “Materiality” & “Amateurism”

Ranjan Gosh                


Edward Said's “Counterpoint”                                                     67

Kiyoko Magome


Resisting the Hegemonic Function of Culture:                             75

Edward Said and the Responsibility of the


Matthew Abraham


II. Orientalism and its Discontents                                         83


Historiography as a Means for Power: “Otherization”                    85

and Imperialism Through the Writings of Edward Said

Rasha I. Ramzy


What Would Said Say? Reflections on Tradition,                         95

Imperialism, and Globalism

Sura P. Rath


 “”: Orientalism's Strange   58                  111

Persistence in Diasporic South Asian Literature in


Steven Barfield


Latin American Orientalism: from Margin                                   121

to Margin

Hernán G. H. Taboada


The Legacy and the Future of Orientalism                                  129

Lidan Lin


Occidentalism: Edward Said’s Legacy for the                             145

Occidentalist Imaginary and its Critique

Tamara Silvia Wagner


III. Narrating the Postcolonial                                                 155


“Nation and Narration”: The English Novel and                            157


Sarah Fulford


Fish(ing) for Colonial Counter-Narratives in                                 167

the Short Fiction of Paul Bowles 

Robert Ficociello


Subject and Citizen: The Ambivalent Identity                              175

in postcolonial Francophone Africa.

Gilbert Doho


Was Edward Said Right in Depicting Albert Camus                    187

as an Imperialist Writer?

Nabil Boudraa


IV. The Last Sky over Broummana                                        201


Edward Said, John Berger, Jean Mohr: Seeking an                    203

Other Optic

John Hawley


After the Last Sky: A Liminal Space                                        211

Yifen Beus


Other Places: Said's Map of the Middle East.                           221

Salah Hassan


Books by Edward Said                                                           229


Contributors                                                                          233