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Dr. Silvia Nagy-Zekmi 
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SPA 9575 Spring 2009

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WHAT IS CULTURE? This course  attempts to answer this question while examining the various definitions of culture and the production of cultural meanings and identities in Latin America. It will provide students with tools and methodologies that enable them to understand and to analyze cultural phenomena, tied to questions of identity, such as alterity, hibridity, transculturation, indigenismo, (Latin)Americanism and the genealogy of Caliban.


To develop an understanding of major issues in cultural studies, such as the formation and representation of culture,  local and global cultural practices in Latin America.


  • Regular attendance and participation in class discussion;

    Only one class per semester may be missed without written justification.

  • an oral presentation of an assigned article,

  • completion of 3 analytical essays (approx. 4 pages each) to demonstrate your engagement with and comprehension of the readings.  One of these essays is based on the oral presentation and it is due the week after the presentation.

Evaluation and Grading

Readings (mandatory)

Readings (recommended)


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