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Satisfies Diversity Requirement 3, Writing Enriched Req.

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Cultural Studies

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Welcome to the Cultural Studies course

This is a mandatory seminar for the CULTURAL STUDIES MAJOR

WHAT IS CULTURE? This introductory course (no previous experience with cultural studies is necessary) attempts to answer this question by examining the various definitions of culture in the context of the production of cultural meaning and identities in the era of globalization. We'll discuss the way we live and communicate by looking at the underlying ideologies, the assumptions that regulate our thinking and behavior, and  the manner in which these assumptions are shaped, produced and communicated through print media, the various art forms including literature, popular culture. The course will provide theoretical tools and methodologies that enable you to understand and to analyze cultural phenomena. LIVELY DISCUSSIONS IN CLASS! 


To develop an understanding of major issues in cultural studies, such as the formation and representation of culture, commodification of cultural production in relation to globalization, local and global cultural practices and the pertinent ideologies that shape them.


  •  Regular attendance and participation in class discussion;

    only two classes per semester may be missed without written medical justification. More unjustified absences will affect your grade.

  •  Reading / viewing all the materials in preparation for the class. 

  • Blog discussions

  • Oral presentation or response of an specific topics

  •  Completion of 2 analytical essay (approx. 5 pages each) to demonstrate your engagement with and comprehension of the readings.  

  •  Animoto project

Criteria of evaluation of oral report and paper


Readings and viewing (mandatory)

Readings (recommended)

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