Your Personality may be a factor in your writing style

Read carefully the instructions below and then click on the blue line at the bottom of the page.
When you click on the blue line, you will go to "How Your Personality Affects Your Writing." Read through the whole page and finally, click on "The Keirsey Temperament Test." 

The test is a "forced choice" test. Although you may find yourself torn between the two choices offered, you must pick only one answer--try to go with the one that seems the most descriptive of your beliefs, attitudes, etc., even though it may not fit exactly. 

Once you have answered all the questions (about 65 I believe) you will click and submit your answers. The web site responds with your four letter personality type and a description of the traits of character associated with that type. Print out this page. 

Armed with this information you will return to the "How Your Personality Affects Your Writing" page and click on "Your Personality Type and Writing." Find your four letter personality type on the chart, click it and discover your writing strengths and weaknesses. 

How helpful do you find this information? Does your personality profile fit? We'll discuss this in class. 

There is a lot of other information on the test page. You might want to do some exploring about your personality type there.  Now, click here:   How Your Personality Affects Your Writing