Knowing Your Personality Type Can Make You A Better Writer--Here's How

What Is The Keirsey Temperament Test and How Do I Take It?
The Keirsey Temperament Test is a well known psychological test derived from Jungian psychological theory.  Through a series of short questions, the test will assign you a basic personality type--there are 16 possible types. Finding out your personality type can provide insights into your writing style, its strengths and its weaknesses.  If you are having problems with deadlines, writer’s block, or other wiring related difficulties, this test might lead to a solution.  But first you must take the it.    Don't be afraid.  It's easy!  You will find a link to a Keirsey Temperament Test below.

1). The Keirsey Temperament Test
After taking the test (which requires about ten to fifteen minutes), click on the "score questionnaire" button to receive your personal four letter score.  Remember these letters.  They are your "Personality Type."  These letters will assist you in exploring your writing style on this website. Click below to interpret your personality type score.

Your Personality Type and Writing

3.  More Information about Personality Types--follow these links

4.  More Information About Personality Types
This page will give you ideas about careers, majors, etc., associated with your personality type.