v     Benefit from bouncing their ideas off others.

v     Seldom write from outlines; impulsive drafters.

v     Interested in immediate results.

v     May not revise until they receive anotherís comments.


v     Need general instructions that allow them to be original; set their own goals.

v     Drafts may be filled with unsupported generalizations and may lack mechanical correctness.

v     Write quickly, allowing one idea to suggest another.

v     Must concentrate on adding necessary support to their papers.

v     Tips: Read the assignment, checking for deviation from what was asked. Check for facts that need support. Temper creativity.


v     Motivated by assignments that relate to a personal concern or connect one human to another.

v     Focus on audience and want their topic to be interesting; may search excessively for the right phrasing.

v     Ideas may need further clarification and reorganization.

v     Often use outlines.

v     Tips: Try not to overdo personal insights. Cite the cons as well as the pros of the argument.


v     Limit the topic, and get the first draft done quickly.

v     First drafts are shorter than later ones, which expand ideas and clarify later ones.

v     Frequently begin writing before completing the research.

v     Tips: Make sure all elements are treated appropriately. Stop at intervals to reevaluate and revise plans.