Rainbow Review Evaluation Key

From time to time, your assignments will be returned to you with color coded highlighting as a way of commenting on your writing.  Each highlighting color indicates a different area for your attention.  Use the highlighting as a guide when you revise your papers.

Examples of excellence in your writing will be highlighted too! (In Aqua)

Teal  Weak argument that needs support; Can you provide more proof? (examples, quotations, illustrations, facts, etc.)
Blue Meaning seems unclear; Can you reword for clarity?
Purple Inaccurate; Check your sources for facts
Dark Green Organization is hard to detect; rethink presentation of information; be sure body corresponds to thesis or lead
Maroon Problem with AP Stylesheet or MLA citation form; check and revise.
Pink Phrasing is awkward; passage may sound ungraceful or unidiomatic--Can you revise your phrasing?
Yellow Punctuation, grammar or spelling is unconventional--please revise with standard usage in mind
Light Green Using the wrong word, a cliche, a lackluster word or unconsciously repeating the same words; search thesaurus for engaging substitutes
Light Gray Passage is wordy or redundant--eliminate unnecessary words
Red Eliminate forms of "to be" (is, are, am, was, were, be, being, been). Revise with active verb for energy & economy.
Olive Use more specific word or give more specific details 
Aqua This is fabulous--great writing! Don't change a thing!