English 2042- Writing Assignment #5:  Google Image Analysis


Editor:________________________________ Writer:____________________________


Writer:   Please turn in this editing sheet along with the printout the editor responded to when you submit your final copy. 


Editor:  Work with printout of Analysis. 


1. Are all pages printing out appropriately?  Yes___ No___
Indicate any problem pages here:


2.  Is the printout clean and clear with all text lines present? (Vertical mode)  Yes___ No___

3.  Is the 9 cell table uniform with all cells of equal dimensions? Yes___ No___
4.  Are the cells beveled and contoured in PS to give a 3D effect? Yes___ No___

5.  Text has title and is chunked with subheads Yes___ No___
6.  Text is illustrated with graphics appropriately placed with cell padding Yes___ No___

7.  No text bumps up against any edges with no padding Yes___ No___

8.  Text does not take up entire horizontal web space across page, but only about 3 inches.  Yes___No___

9.  Interesting lead --    Yes___ No___

10.  Introductory Device—   Yes___ No___  Which One?        

11.  Purpose/thesis – Is purpose for article set up in the beginning paragraphs?  Yes___No___   

            Briefly state the purpose/topic here:



Check that writer is not violating any online conventions:

12. Organization –


(A).  Number the paragraphs in the text and give each a two-word label.  What organization scheme seems to be present?  Should it be changed?


Paragraph Number Two Word Label


(B).    Does each paragraph contain only one main idea?  Yes____ No____

Indicate Number of Problem Paragraphs:



13. Concluding device— Yes___ No___  Which One?  (No summaries please)


14.  At the end of the text page, the URL's of all images used in this assignment are listed?  Yes___ No___

15.   Transitions—

Are transition devices present in the first sentence of every paragraph?   Yes___ No___

If not, which paragraphs need them?     _______________



16.   Development:

Is paper 750 words long? (Text should NOT be double spaced on web)? Yes___


Is there enough proof/support for the writer’s argument?


            Overall statistics (how many images and of what?) leading to appropriate generalizations?    Yes____ No____

            One or two particular image examples analyzed in greater detail?  Yes____ No____


Are at least six of the following concepts dealt with in the comparison of the two images?



  • Gaze   Yes___ No___

  • Reflexivity   Yes___ No___

  • the "other"   Yes___ No___

  • Gender   Yes___ No___

  • Race   Yes___ No___

  • Class   Yes___ No___

  • inter-textuality   Yes___ No___

  • cultural values   Yes___ No___
  • power relations   Yes___ No___
  • parody   Yes___ No___
  • irony   Yes___ No___
  • appropriation of "progressive" views   Yes___ No___
  • free-floating signifiers
  • counter bricolage   Yes___ No___
  • Other ?  What? __________________Yes___ No___

Indicate problems here:



17.  Sentence Level Concerns


Are sentence lengths varied?   Yes____ No____

            Are any very short sentences included? Yes___ No___


18.  Go to paragraphs 2,3, and 4

Circle forms of  to be  (Is, are, am, were, was, be, been, being) 

How many sentences in this essay?____

How many “to be” verbs?­­­­­____

What is the ratio of Total # “to be” verbs / # sentences?

Is it over 50%?___ Yes ___No--  If so, the writer needs to revise extensively.


19.  Go to paragraphs 5, 6, and 7

Circle sentence beginnings

How many sentences in this essay?____

How many noun begun sentences are there?  (Beauty)  or nouns with an article (the

 advertisement) ____

What is the ratio of noun begun sentences / # sentences?____

Do nouns begin sentences more than 50% of the time?  ___Yes ___No

If so, the writer needs to revise. 


20.  Go to paragraph # 5.  Get rid of 5 unnecessary words.  List them here:




21.  Underline any grammar problems or sentences which are unclear or hear to read.  Don't neglect this step.  And don’t hold back.  It is very important for the writer.  How many such sentences did you underline?  ___________________