Assn #3--Making a Timeline with


1.  Go to and join up

2.  Choose a topic for the timelime:  an event or series of events taking place over at least 10 years from history, politics, pop culture, art, music, sports, lifestyle, etc.

3.  Research the basics of the topic, on Wikipedia perhaps.

4.  Choose 5 iconic or representative images for the timeline

5.  Create your timeline choosing the proper intervals and uploading your images into five different "event" slots on your page.

6.  Write appropriate captions for your images to appear on the timeline

7.  Write a two-part, 200 word image analysis for each image, using good web writing form.  These will appear in the timeline event window.

  • Part 1 -- 100 words--Place the image in the history of your event
  • Part 2 -- 100 words--Write a short image analysis similar to the ones you wrote for Assn #2

8. Link Assn#3 to your class homepage.