Assignment #2 -- From Image Map to Image Analysis

The Basics:  You will create 5 FP pages. 
You will import your image map from Assn#1 into FP.  Then you will make "hotspots" on it and link them to 4 more pages, each containing an image from your image map. Each of the 4 images will be analyzed on its own page in short paragraphs made easy on the eye by following web writing principles.

1. Start with image map from Assn#1 in PS, copy it and paste it into  FP. Save as Assn#2.
2. Open a New file in PS and paste in your collage image.  Once the collage is pasted in to PS,
3. Change its dimensions to 600 pixels for width.  The height dimensions will be filled in automatically:

  • Go to Image > Image Size
  • Type in 600 Pixels for width
5.  Your collage will now be resized.  Be sure the rulers are on and click on them and select pixels
6.  With the Rectangle Marquee Tool, select a slice of your collage containing the image you wish to feature on your new page.
7.  Check with the rulers to be sure you are selecting a slice that is 600 x 200.
8.  Copy the slice
9.  Paste it into a new PS file
10.  Using the liquify function, swirl and blend the image so that only the image to be analyzed remains clearly visible.  Pull some of the image off the canvas to leave white space and render it 3D.  Make a few of the white space peaks point to your image to guide the viewer's eye.

11.  When finished with the sliced image, Select it, and Copy Merged

12.  Open a FS page, create a two-row column (get rid of borders later)

13.  Paste PS'ed image into FP.  Save as Assn#2_nameofimage

14.  Repeat for the other 3 images

15.  Go back to your complete image map page in FP

16.  Create hotspots (with Picture toolbar) and link to the 4 other pages.

NOTE:  This assignment will be printed out and turned in to me.  Be sure all pages print out in vertical mode with each image  and analysis on one page.

Click here for Part 2--Image Analysis--