English 2042Web Writing

mid-term study guide

1.  Be sure to review the grammar and punctuation rules in the areas on the Grammar Web Site

--Here is a helpful summary of punctuation rules, Punctuation Pattern Sheet

2.  Evaluating Web Page Design

3.  Define Digital Rhetoric in context of principles of rhetoric  -- Rhetoric is commonly thought of as a mode of persuasion employed for legal or political argument. This is an important function of rhetoric that can trace its roots back to 5th century BC in Greece. However, rhetoric has also been used in other ways throughout history. One of these uses has been as as a systematic way to study and produce artifacts to meet the demands of specific contexts for specific audiences. Today digital rhetoric is an important new area of rhetorical study.  Digital rhetoric can be defined a study of the most effective means of presenting information in an electronic format.  Rhetoric is an art of timeliness.

Be able to define digital rhetoric in terms of the classical components of rhetoric including Ethos, Logos, Pathos, Kairos, Style.  Be able to explain how you would set up a web page that effectively uses the classical components.

4.  Know concepts from these readings.  Be prepared for short identification questions.

5.  Be able to briefly describe/define the following terms.  When possible, provide an example of each term.