Travel Magazine Research--Targeting a Publication

If possible, obtain a copy of the magazine.

Your Name:____________________________________________________ 

Your Topic:__________________________________________________

1.  Name of magazine

2.  Address


2a. Email address:


3.  Web site URL:


4.  Soliciting Editor


5.  Any publication/manuscript guidelines or requirements in magazine or on web page?  List briefly below or attach print out.




6.  What sort of topics/sections does the magazine include?


7.  What is your target topic/section?


8.  Check out an article if possible.  What is the typical tone, style, subject matter of the texts in the target section?


9.  How would you characterize the prose style of the target section?  (Formal, personal, trendy, etc.)


10.  What is the average length of texts in the target section?


11.  Describe the target audience as best you can: (age, socio-economic, gender, race, class)