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2012-01 (Jan) Visa Litigation Fund.docx

2012-02 (Jan) Congress the Corrupt.docx

2012-03 (Jan) Valuing Debt and Accounting Quirks.docx

2012-04 (Jan) Fuqi Intl - All You Need to Know about Investing in China.docx

2012-05 (Jan) Issuer Retaliation--Case of Richard Bove.docx

2012-06 (Jan) Lease Report by ELF.docx

2012-07 (Feb) Facebook Gets an A in Financial Reporting.docx

2012-08 (Feb) KPMG Loses Couple of Motions in Overtime Case.docx

2012-09 (Feb) Auditor Expectations Gap.docx

2012-10 (Feb) Groupon CFOs Spin Raises More Red Flags.docx

2012-11 (Feb) Principles and IFRS.docx

2012-12 (Feb) Lease Report by Chamber of Commerce.docx

2012-13 (Mar) CVS Operating Leases when Capitalized.docx

2012-14 (Mar) EBITDA.docx

2012-15 (Mar) JCOM Errors and Estimates.docx

2012-16 (Mar) Ford Income via DTAs.docx

2012-17 (Mar) Overstocked and Underperformed.docx

2012-18 (Mar) Who Should Leave the Big Four.docx

2012-19 (Mar) Privitization of University Education.docx

2012-20 (Mar) FASB to Look at Repo Accounting.docx

2012-21 (Mar) Zynga First 10-K.docx

2012-21 (Mar) Zynga First 10-K1.docx

2012-22 (Apr) Groupon 10K April Fools.docx

2012-23 (Apr) Groupon 10K Looking Under the Hood.docx

2012-24 (Apr) The New Bottom Line (Roman Weil).docx

2012-24 (Apr) The New Bottom Line (Roman Weil).pdf

2012-25 (Apr) Internet Company Accounting.docx

2012-26 (Apr) What Does COSO Stand For.docx

2012-27 (Apr) Related Party Disclosures and Chesapeake Energy.docx

2012-28 (Apr) Whistleblowing Under Dodd-Frank.docx

2012-29 (Apr) One Year Old.docx

2012-30 (Apr) Still Cant Get It Rite.docx

2012-31 (May) A note on Rite Aid and Pox on FASB.docx

2012-35 (May) A Message to Accounting Graduates.docx

2012-36 (May) Facebook IPO.docx

2012-37 (May) GAAP is CRAP JPM use of AFS.docx

2012-38 (Jun) Lease Accounting Breakthrough.docx

2012-39 (Jun) Groupon's Feeble Tax Assets.docx

2012-40 (Jun) Who Really Cares About Auditor Rotation.docx

2012-41 (Jul) California Budget Woes and Chimerical Pension Beliefs.docx

2012-42 (July) Abraham Briloff.docx

2012-43 (Jul) Reading List.docx

2012-44 (Jul) Need Profit Buy Something.docx

2012-45 (Aug) Improving Financial Note Disclosure Transparency.docx

2012-46 (Aug) Deferred Income Taxes.docx

2012-47 (Aug) Groupon Still Accounting Challenged.docx

2012-48 (Aug) What is Zyngas Real Growth Rate.docx

2012-48 (Aug) Zynga Quarterly Revenues.xlsx

2012-49 (Sept) Teaching Accounting Ethics.docx

2012-50 (Sep) Can A New Accounting Chief Save Grouponsl Accounting.docx

2012-51 (Sep) Weyerhaeuser Pensions.docx

2012-52 (Sep) Deloittes Intangible Asset Clients Revisited.docx

2012-53 (Oct) Restoring Criminal Liability.docx

2012-54 (Oct) Nortel Case Near Ends.docx